Customer Service

Yesterday I was in Holland and Barrett in Chelmsford. As I walked in a male member of staff said hello to me. I responded because I think that it is rude not to do so and really – why should I be rude?

As I was looking at the jars of vitamins etc the same male came up to me and asked me in a really unobtrusive way if he could help me. Well actually he could and I asked my question. He tried his best and then he got a lady who could have been the manager to help me.

I was made to feel important in this store and I thanked everyone individually. I also told the lady that the man was so helpful.

Furthermore, I tweeted using #customerservice and I got a lovely reply.

This is not the first time that I have commented on excellent customer service. I have tweeted about Enterprise in Warrington and Homebase in Chelmsford.

For me customer service is paramount for the success of a business. The people who come into contact with customers actually hold the future of the company in their hands and every business should realise this and invest in their people.

I will go back to the companies that I have mentioned above because of the way that I was made to feel and I will praise other people who show great customer service.

What is the customer service like in your business? What do you do to make your customers return?