The world is getting smaller

Throughout my life I have always heard people say that the world is getting smaller. As time progresses that statement changes in its meaning.

I remember the Concorde plane flying across the Atlantic Ocean at supersonic speed. There were the first planes to fly from London to Australia non stop. Television broadcasts from Australia stopped having six second delays in between people speaking. All of these have contributed towards ‘The world getting smaller’ and I am sure that you may have your own examples.

My own experience of the world getting smaller has to be one of communication. It is around five years ago that I had a Facetime call to Thailand and there was no time delay. Since then I have used Skype but I tended to be frustrated by the quality of the audio. The next step was to use Line for video calls, but now I have something different.

Last month I was introduced to Zoom. This is for video conferencing and I have taken part in a video conference this week. I was at home in Surbiton in the UK and we had people in Bristol, Tyneside in the North East of the UK and Poland. That was my first video conference and it amazes me. I know that other people have conferences with colleagues in the USA, such as my son, but this was my first.

I am using Zoom to connect with the son of some friends in Wrexham. He is currently in Year 11 and I am tutoring him for his GCSE Mathematics exam. We connect once a week at the same time and I also use Bitpaper, which is best described as an electronic sheet of paper. I open Bitpaper in Chrome and when I share the URL for my sheet with my student we can both write on it. I can paste questions onto the Bitpaper for my student to do and I can see his every move as he works it out. It is just as if we are sitting in the same room. He is 200 miles away so I am thinking that the world is getting smaller.

This means that I can now tutor anyone in the world in Mathematics. They need a computer, audio, preferably a webcam, a mouse (to write with) and a decent internet connection. That is exactly what I intend to do: Global Online Mathematics Tuition. The internet has made my world much smaller and my market place has just expanded tremendously.

In the ‘old days’ teachers would advertise on a card in the window of the local newsagent for tuition and they would travel to their students. Some still do that, but not anymore for me. If you live in New Zealand, Australia, China, Thailand, India, The Middle East, Europe, Africa, USA, Russia or anywhere on this globe then I can tutor you in Mathematics. Isn’t that exciting? If you really want me to travel to you then we could come to an arrangement, but all that we have to do is connect on Zoom.

Now that is powerful and my reason for saying that the world is getting smaller.

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