The return of a blogger

This is the post excerpt.

This may be the first blog of many.

I am at the point where I have decided to blog again but it has been quite arduous deciding who I want to use as a host and which medium I want to write in.

So I have rediscovered WordPress and it has been relatively simple getting up to this point. I have registered and am writing this on my Samsung S6 Edge Plus which is coming up to 2 years old. I want to use my phone for blogging and I am happy with the ease with which I can do everything so far. Note that I have gone for the free option.

A few weeks ago I registered a blog using my Lenovo laptop with Wix but I wasn’t happy. It just seemed like hard work. The route to a blog was to have a website and I really didn’t want that. Maybe I was missing something but it prompted me to look for an alternative.

As I wrote on my Wix blog I was blogging a couple of years ago until one day when I logged on and saw a Turkish flag with the message ‘You’ve been hacked’. It was playing some awful music just to make things worse. I was paying for my blog to be hosted and so I contacted my provider. Nothing in return and I kept sending messages. I suppose this is one reason why I don’t really want to pay for a blog again.

The host finally contacted me when my subscription was due and finally I was able to unleash my feelings towards them. The result was that we parted without any apology from them.

So here it is: possibly my return.

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